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Bloodclaws Pack #2

Further additions to the Bloodclaws Pack. Wolf Guard Battle Leaders, and the last remaining Bloodclaw (he got lost under all the piles of clutter!)   Basecoats are down (Vallejo Game Air Sombre Grey) with a highlight (Vallejo Game Air Wolf Grey).     Gold highlighting on the torso and shield has been started, Vallejo Game Color Brass. Lightning Claws and Storm Shield have initial colors. And his base is about done, just have to clean up the bevel and add some snow effects.     The other Wolfguard has the initial colors down too.      I have to clean up the fist on the Lightning Claw. Tidy up the yellows, tighten up the golds.     And finally the black sheep Bloodclaw, lost under all my hobby projects.   More progress to come.

Space Wolf Dreadnought kit-bash #16

Bjorn's tribal markings are starting to take shape.     More to come.

Painting Update #10

Continued work on Harald's cloak continues. A new coat of Vallejo Game Color Magenta as base, and first highlight coat of Vallejo Opaque Heavy Red.     With the backpack attached.     I still need to finish the backpack, final highlights on the cloak and proper highlighting of his face. Not a simple dry-brush, but layering of successive  highlights. After that, Harald should be ready to hit the table.

Arjac Rockfist kit-bash #6

  Progress on Arjac continues.   Black-lining, first highlights, base coat on the hammer (Graduation of Vallejo Game Air Imperial Blue, Electric Blue and  Wolf Grey) and base coat of gold (Vallejo Game Color Brass).       The Wolf head on the shoulder pauldron is still to be worked though. Maybe gold or red ... not sure yet.   More to come. 

Work, Life, Hobby. Maintaining a Balance - General Ramblings #9

Marty: "Wait a minute. Wait a minute Doc, are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?" Doc: "The way I see it, if you're going to build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style? So what do you do when you're working a nine to five plus job, pressing social engagements, renovations on your home and  finding no time to hobby? Good question, hey?  To be honest I don't have a good answer or solution. What I do have are a few suggestions: #Tuttle time - This is the approach that Carl Tuttle  from the 11th Company  takes. He gets up a few hours earlier in the morning and does some hobby  One hour hobby a night - as the name says, pull up a table whilst you're watching the idiot box. If you hide in your hobby lair, they even run a Skype/Twitch/YouTube/Hangouts/Facebook live-cast.  The Terrain Tutor, Kris Belleau and even Frontline Gaming run open Google Hangouts on YouTube. Weekend block out - Grab a few hour

Shield Brothers Landraider kit-bash#2

Kit bashing begins! Following the rough guide Binary posted on Bolter and Chainsword in 2011 , I have embarked on a journey far more engrossing, and a little scary, than the previous Bjorn kit-bash. Scary? Well anytime you take a razor saw to a perfectly good <$50 kit, your heart should flutter! So following Binary's guide. Step One - mark and cut the center pillar down the center line of the internal shell of the Landraider Chassis.   And the other side.     Step Two - Cut up the external sides of the Land Raider. Starting the cuts bounded by the armor plate edges.     And the other side.     Now the next step wasn't quite so obvious.  Step Three - Binary cut the bottom edge and corners, again, bounded by the armor plating. Then when mounted to the Baneblade chassis, Binary rotates it 180 degrees, so it is upside down.     Step Four - Now switching over to the Baneblade chassis, cut the tail piece from the rear quarter of the i

A fluffy Space Wolves list - General Ramblings #8

Critiques aside, I put together a list that I think still satisfies my fluffy side, but still will be semi-competitive. No double CAD, but there is still is a little bit of a wolf-star.   Courtesy of Battle Scribe.   Space Wolves: Codex (2014) Company of the Great Wolf Detachment (2001pts) + No Force Org Slot + Lone Wolf (88pts) Thunder Hammer Storm Shield Fenrisian Wolf Melta Bombs   + HQ (407pts) + Harald Deathwolf, Lord of the Wolfkin, Warlord (206pts) Bolt Pistol Frag & Krak Grenades, Frost Axe Storm Shield Power Armour Relic: Mantle of the Ice Troll King, Thunderwolf Mount 2x Fenrisian Wolf Canis Wolfborn, the Feral Knight (201pts) Frag & Krak Grenades Pair of Wolf Claws Power Armour Thunderwolf Mount 2x Fenrisian Wolf + Elites (330pts) + Iron Priest (165pts) Bolter Frag & Krak Grenades Runic Armour Servo-arm Thunder Hammer Thunderwolf mount 4x Cyberwolf Iron Priest (165pts) Bolter

List building - General Ramblings #7

So what is the best way to make a list ?   To be honest, hell if I know. My guess is you can build a list about five different ways: Hyper Uber Competitive Net-listing Flat 1850pts Escalation Fluffy McFluffykins So what does all of this mean? I'll explain: 1. Hyper Uber Competitive This is all about wrecking face and 'feel badsies'. Scat packs, Wraithknight spam, Hive Tyrant Flying Circus, Wolf/Cent/Seer/Screamer Stars, etc. Personally I detest this type of list, but it does serve it's purpose on the competitive scene. Lucky, I am not into tournaments and the highly competitive scene. But if that's what floats your boat, look at the who is leading the ITC or NOVA and what they  are running. You won't make many friends, if you play this way, but you'll win.   2. Net-listing The quickest way to put together a list, and probably the most effective. Spend 10-20 minutes doing a Google search. Search for something like "best XX arm

Bloodclaws Pack #1

So back in September I posted some quick "work in progress" on my Bloodclaw pack. Suffice to say, the pack is one step closer to Tabletop ready!   It has taken a while, and I will have to say that all those embellishments that make the character of the Space Wolves do really take time and a half to paint, compared to a normal marine.   So with that being said, I have finally gotten them up to a "tabletop" standard. Or better than a 3-color minimum. I will continue to tidy them up over the next few painting sessions, but here they are.   First up, my two claws with flamers. The intention with the list is to have two smaller Bloodclaw packs, each with a flamer.     And most of the rest of the rabble, all of them running with chainswords and bolt pistols.      Next time I will fix a few bits, add some decals and some flock tufts.

Arjac Rockfist kit-bash #5

Progress continues on Arjac, this time base layer of Vallejo Game Air Sombre Grey, with black-lining.         More to come.

Painting Update #9

Work on Harald Deathwolf continues. Yellows are being built up, the axe head mostly complete and the bear skin colors bedded in.   One issue I am having is with the Troll-King cloak. I am not sure if I am happy with how it is turning out. I might go back and do some extreme highlighting or mask it off and go with a turquoise.  Mind you, Harald does look pretty cool on his Thunderwolf.    I am wondering if I should trace some gold on the inside of the cloak.          The red on red is a little overwhelming. Or am I being a little pedantic ?   More to come, after I mull over the fate of the current Troll-King Cloak.

Painting Update #8

Work continues on Harald. His Thunderwolf is now complete.     Then I added some Army Painter Tundra Tufts on the base, so it now fits with the other Thunderwolves.             One thing about this particular model is that it happens to be a little front heavy, mainly due to it being towards the front of the base. So I added a few pennies as counter weight.   More to come.

Shield Brothers Landraider kit-bash#1

Work has begun on the Landraider. Landraider kit - Check. Baneblade tracks - Check.      Now to sift through the parts and work out how best to put this bad boy together.   A good reference link can be found on Bolter and Chainswords.   More to come in a few weeks, doing some renovations on the house.

Space Wolf Dreadnought kit-bash #15

Further progress on Bjorn. Layering of the blue with an edge highlight. I still have to go back in and start detailing the hip plates. More progress to come.

Logan Grimnar kit-bash #5

Staging and positioning of Grimnar, "Stormrider" and the two Thunderwolves is being worked through. Working out the correct base size, how modular the base could be, then building of the scenic base.   You'll notice that I have backed out of the idea of reins. It just wasn't working for me, they just didn't look taut enough, like they were being yanked upon. So I cut and trimmed all the reins away and thought about a new way of positioning. This is the positioning I am currently thinking about. Grimnar pulling a chain that will go to some collars on the Thunderwolves. To do this I will run some fine jewelers chain to both the wolves. This should go well with the angles on the Thunderwolves.     For those of you interested, the Thunderwolves are from Basicks Miniatures . One of them, unfortunately shipped without a front leg, so I rebuilt it using a piece from the Space Wolves Thunderwolf Cavalry kit, some resin carving and a little green-stuff.