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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Thank you, all, for your support over the years.
Here is a quick summary of the top 9 projects I have completed, as ranked by likes on Instagram.

ProjectsLikesWorld Eaters Devourer Captain with Twin Chain Fists140Inquisitor Acolyte126Adeptus Custodes Telemon Heavy Dreadnought125World Eaters Leviathan Heavy Dreadnought115Malcador Kit-bash concept113Space Wolf Leviathan Heavy Dreadnought112World Eaters Devourer Captain with Chain Fist and Thunderhammer111Inquisitor Annolivia Sureka108

2018 - In Review - Part #1 - Projects started, Miniatures Completed

- 2018 - In Review - Part #1 -
Projects Started, Miniatures Completed. It's been a long while since I posted. Late March 2018, all said. Life, Work, Renovations, even the impending death of G+ all of these left me with little energy to post anything meaningful.
That being said, I did still get around to painting quite a few miniatures. I even completed a bunch of projects.
January  January was actually quite a busy time knocking out Necromunda Terrain.

February This month saw me finish the first of the Adeptus Custodes Shield Captains. 

At the same time, I finished up a Galatus Dreadnought.

While I was finishing off the red tones, I also finished up a Thousand Sons Dreadnought.

What Thousand Son wouldn't be complete without their Space Wolf, Vlka Fenryka, counterpart.

And whilst the grey was flowing, I cleaned up and finished Krom Dragongaze. Bringing his scheme back down from the blue back to the Heresy grey.

After the side track into the Space Wolves, I focused back on the W…