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Horus Heresy Characters - Master of Mankind - The God Emperor of Mankind #3

Yes, I am back, it's been a while. And this time around, I got a chance to do a bit of a do-over on my Master of Mankind, the Emperor. You'll remember where I had left of on this model (See below). Whilst it was a fun conversion, I just didn't feel it captured the essence of the Emperor.   So when the new Roboute Guilliman (aka Row-boat Girly-man) was released I knew I just had to make the conversion. The basis of the Guilliman is truly a pretty model. Lots of detail. So what could I alter to make him look like the Emperor? Well, I focused on the areas of the highest detail, which could be re-constructed: Halo Shoulder Pad Power Claw Baltea (hanging leather waist straps) So starting with the Power Claw, I used a jewelers saw to cut the hand from the arm. This will enable me to re-position the hand into a position were it appears that the Emperor is conjuring. I then re-cast some claws from the ForgeWorld Resin Kor Phaeron miniature and attache