2018 - In Review - Part #1 - Projects started, Miniatures Completed

- 2018 - In Review - Part #1 -
Projects Started, Miniatures Completed.

It's been a long while since I posted. Late March 2018, all said.
Life, Work, Renovations, even the impending death of G+ all of these left me with little energy to post anything meaningful.

That being said, I did still get around to painting quite a few miniatures. I even completed a bunch of projects.


January was actually quite a busy time knocking out Necromunda Terrain.


This month saw me finish the first of the Adeptus Custodes Shield Captains. 

At the same time, I finished up a Galatus Dreadnought.

While I was finishing off the red tones, I also finished up a Thousand Sons Dreadnought.

What Thousand Son wouldn't be complete without their Space Wolf, Vlka Fenryka, counterpart.

And whilst the grey was flowing, I cleaned up and finished Krom Dragongaze. Bringing his scheme back down from the blue back to the Heresy grey.

After the side track into the Space Wolves, I focused back on the World Eaters, Starting with a Contemptor Dreadnought.

Then I completed a centerpiece Leviathan Heavy Dreadnought.

About this time, the version of Warhammer 40k was released, Dark Imperium, and with it came a Lord of Contagion.

And to shake off the pestilence, I touched up my Vlka Fenryka Leviathan Heavy Dreadnought, with some knotwork.


March saw me start a lot of projects, but not quite finish them all. First up, I finished a kit-bashed Female Inquisitor using the Greyfax body and Skitarii head.

So after a few months of painting 30k/40k miniatures, I had to switch it up and focus on a different type of miniature, the Stuffies from Stuffed Fables a Plaid Hat Game. Fun little chibi-esque miniatures, that are a pleasure to paint, once you've cleaned up the mold and flash lines.



April saw me get stuck back into Necromunda. Starting with my Goliath Gang Leader kit-bash, made from Zug from Bloodbowl and various Goliath weapons.

I also completed a reliquary marker. This saw me using permanent markers for the first time, mainly for the scroll work.


After this, I finished up a Primaris Chaplain, for the Space Wolves. It wasn't totally Wolf-McWolfkins, but it was still obviously a Space Wolves Chaplain.

I also went back and completed a villain from Stuffed Fables.

On a side note, I started to gear up towards completing Amon from the Thousand Suns by finishing off his scenic base.


I started May by completing some more villains from Stuffed Fables

Then I finished up an Escher Gang Leader Kit-bash 

And finally get stuck into my Goliath Gangers, starting with Varik.


June saw some more progress on the Goliath Gangers. I was taking an individual approach to these guys, as I am not too keen on batch painting. First up, this month, Bonesnapper.

 Then I finished Skullshank.

Then came Nox the Ripper.

And Kruger.

Given I had assembled a portion of the gang, I thought I would make some terrain outside of the box pieces, for them to defend.

Then I finished up a Primaris Psyker, again minimalist Space Wolves (no Wolfy McWolfkin).
And I got my hands on a decent collage app, too.

All in all a pretty busy first half of the year. Maybe not as busy as some, but I still knocked over a bunch of projects.

Stay tuned for my progress in the later half of the year.


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