Bloodclaws Pack #2

Further additions to the Bloodclaws Pack. Wolf Guard Battle Leaders, and the last remaining Bloodclaw (he got lost under all the piles of clutter!)
Basecoats are down (Vallejo Game Air Sombre Grey) with a highlight (Vallejo Game Air Wolf Grey).
Gold highlighting on the torso and shield has been started, Vallejo Game Color Brass. Lightning Claws and Storm Shield have initial colors. And his base is about done, just have to clean up the bevel and add some snow effects.
The other Wolfguard has the initial colors down too. 
I have to clean up the fist on the Lightning Claw. Tidy up the yellows, tighten up the golds.
And finally the black sheep Bloodclaw, lost under all my hobby projects.

More progress to come.


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