Shield Brothers Landraider kit-bash#2

Kit bashing begins!
Following the rough guide Binary posted on Bolter and Chainsword in 2011, I have embarked on a journey far more engrossing, and a little scary, than the previous Bjorn kit-bash.

Scary? Well anytime you take a razor saw to a perfectly good <$50 kit, your heart should flutter!

So following Binary's guide.
Step One - mark and cut the center pillar down the center line of the internal shell of the Landraider Chassis.

And the other side.
Step Two - Cut up the external sides of the Land Raider. Starting the cuts bounded by the armor plate edges.
And the other side.
Now the next step wasn't quite so obvious. 
Step Three - Binary cut the bottom edge and corners, again, bounded by the armor plating. Then when mounted to the Baneblade chassis, Binary rotates it 180 degrees, so it is upside down.
Step Four - Now switching over to the Baneblade chassis, cut the tail piece from the rear quarter of the internal chassis.
Stay tuned for the next step.


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