Logan Grimnar kit-bash #5

Staging and positioning of Grimnar, "Stormrider" and the two Thunderwolves is being worked through.

Working out the correct base size, how modular the base could be, then building of the scenic base.

You'll notice that I have backed out of the idea of reins. It just wasn't working for me, they just didn't look taut enough, like they were being yanked upon. So I cut and trimmed all the reins away and thought about a new way of positioning.

This is the positioning I am currently thinking about. Grimnar pulling a chain that will go to some collars on the Thunderwolves. To do this I will run some fine jewelers chain to both the wolves. This should go well with the angles on the Thunderwolves.
For those of you interested, the Thunderwolves are from Basicks Miniatures. One of them, unfortunately shipped without a front leg, so I rebuilt it using a piece from the Space Wolves Thunderwolf Cavalry kit, some resin carving and a little green-stuff.

More progress to come.


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