Bloodclaws Pack #1

So back in September I posted some quick "work in progress" on my Bloodclaw pack. Suffice to say, the pack is one step closer to Tabletop ready!

It has taken a while, and I will have to say that all those embellishments that make the character of the Space Wolves do really take time and a half to paint, compared to a normal marine.
So with that being said, I have finally gotten them up to a "tabletop" standard. Or better than a 3-color minimum. I will continue to tidy them up over the next few painting sessions, but here they are.
First up, my two claws with flamers. The intention with the list is to have two smaller Bloodclaw packs, each with a flamer.


And most of the rest of the rabble, all of them running with chainswords and bolt pistols.



Next time I will fix a few bits, add some decals and some flock tufts.


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