2018 - In Review - Part #2 - Projects started, Miniatures Completed

- 2018 - In Review - Part #2 -
Projects Started, Miniatures Completed.

So continuing on from the previous post, the second half of 2018 was also fairly productive.


July started with the completion of the second of my Adeptus Custodes Captains.

And I completed another hero from Stuffed Fables - Stitch.             

And some more Villians from Stuffed Fables.

I finally got around to finishing off the shoulder pauldrons on my Chaos Renegade Knight Titan. And with that, he was finished after 24+ months of languishing on a shelf.

Interestingly, this month had a bit of a competition to post your very first and most recent miniature, to show progress.  Pick which one is the most recent?

More Necromunda Gangers starting with Splitter Korg.

Goliath Ganger Grendel.

Goliath Ganger Drago.

And finally, Goliath Ganger Drakk.

And I finished off Amon of the Thousand Sons, Captain of the Ninth and Equerry to Magnus the Red. He was my first attempt at OSL.

To offset all the detail work, I put together an objective marker and practiced some weathering techniques.


A final push towards finishing of my Goliath Gang, with the final Goliath Ganger, Rork.


I finally got around to completing an Officio Assassinorium Eversor Assassin. This was the first time I had tried doing bloody tendrils and viscera.

 I completed my Primaris Ulrik the Slayer conversion

Interestingly, my Malcador the Sigillite scored some of the highest likes, on Instagram. Unfortunately, I am still agonizing over the paint scheme four months later. Velvety Green or Burgundy Red. Maybe colour-shift paint?

I finished off a Genestealer Cult Magus. I probably will start working on a GSC Kill-Team after all the fun I had on this one.

 finished off a Goliath Beserker kit-bash. 

I got my hands on an Orlock Cyber Mastiff. This was extremely fun to paint.

My Inquisition Acolyte kit-bash finally got a coat of paint and completed.


I thought I would dust off an old World Eater kit-bash and see if the late Heresy Red scheme would fit with my current World Eaters force.

Also, this month saw me attend the CK Studios Airbrushing 103 'Heavy Metal' course. Absolutely amazing course, I would highly recommend beginners and seasoned modellers. Below is an example of the free hand tutorial that Sam Lenz taught.

Then I came home and finished off my INQ28 Inquisitor Annolivia Sureka

I even got a chance to finish off a Necromuda Dome-Runner hanger-on.


This month I tried something totally different, Brodie from Cartoon Miniatures' Mice and Mystics range. This was the first time I had tried striped fur photo-etched leaves and dried foliage

October was Red month. With the release of Adeptus Titanicus, I painted a bunch of Legio Audax Titans, starting with the Warlord Titan - Vae Aestus - Tide of Woe


Then I finished off a Legio Audax Reaver Titan - Ignis Pluvia - Rain of Fire

Whilst I worked on the antiqued, ancient metallic Titanicus endo-skeletons, I quickly smashed out a cyber-mastiff.

I also went back and touched up an older Adeptus Custodes Telemon Heavy Dreadnought and completed it.


November was a slow month, with Thanksgiving preparations, renovations and visitors. That being said, I completed my first loyalist Legio Victorum Reaver Titan - Iram Redemptio - Rage of Redemption. I was really chuffed when this Reaver got a commendation in the Adeptus Titanicus 2018 Facebook group Reaver competition.

And I also completed a pair of Legio Audax Warhound Titans - Incineratio Undam and Ignis Fluctum - Wave of Incineration and Fire Wave. I also entered this pair for a second Adeptus Titanicus 2018 Warhound competition. We'll see how these ones go.

And whilst I was painting some red, I finished of a Necromunda Sopper hanger-on.


In all honesty this month was a write off for completing projects. I had a bunch on the go but the Holiday season reeked havoc on actually getting any of it completed.

At least January will be quite productive, hey ?

All in all, I lot on the painting table. not everything finished, but I am pretty happy with what I did complete.

Next year I have decided I will concentrate on finishing every project that I actually begin, whether it be a kit-bash, touch-up or repair. I really have to start clearing the work bench and not let it pile up with grey plastic and resin.

Apart from that, thanks for following along. I have switched platforms to Instagram now, so you can find me on @spruewhisperer.

Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your fireworks be bright and not filled with phosphex grenades!


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