So I am thinking about doing something a little different this year. We have a great community here on G+ so this is a bit of an effort to encourage, inspire and give back.

What does this all mean?

To celebrate the recent release of Necromunda and Necromunda: Gang War, I will be giving away a fresh copy of Index Chaotica: Apocrypha to the best Necromunda related conversion. So conversions could be a Necromunda Ganger(s), Shadow Wars: Armageddon,  INQ28, Terrain and/or anything related to either of these systems.

A few criteria:

  1. To be in the mix, I'll need at least 10 entries.
  2. Entries need to be submitted between 12:00am PST 25th January and 12:00am PST 25th February, 2018.
  3. The miniature/conversion needs to be completed, but not necessarily painted. If they're unpainted it gives us a chance to see what parts have been converted. If you have time to paint it up, that's really cool, too.
  4. The conversion has to be recent. So when if you could add a parts list of the models you cannibalized for the conversion.
  5. Whomever wins, I will need to grab an address so I can post the prize.
Pretty simple, hey?

Here is an example of an entry: Below is an INQ28/Necromunda conversion utilizing the Forgeworld Solomon Lok Body, Adeptus Mechanicus weapons and backpack.

 Good Luck!


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