Happy New Year

Yup, it's been a while.

Been a long year. A real calamity of problems since November 2016. But a new year is about to shuffle past and hopefully I can catch a ride to brighter days.

So formalities aside everyone, Happy New Year!!

Traditionally we bloggers put a list together of the projects they have completed. In my case, it's more a litany of "The box of shame", where I feel shame over the projects started, but not quite completed (Courtesy of the Age of Darkness Podcast). All in all, it was a patchy year for finishing projects. I started out well, however life hit a snag around July and it became a real hodge-podge of hit and misses.

That being said, the following is a little list of what I got up to:

January 2017

Adeptus Custodes

World Eaters Red Butchers

Saurus Champion and Bones (Commission)

World Eaters Apothecaries

Spartan Dozer Blades

February 2017

Thousand Sons (Unfinished)

Vlka Fenryka (Unfinished)

Red Butchers Devourer

World Eaters - Gahlan Surlak


Adeptus Custodes Shield Captain (Unfinished)

March 2017

CK Studios Airbrushing 101 Course - Highly Recommend any level attend this course!!

Vlka Fenryka - Hvarl Red-Blade (Took a while to finish)

Anvillus Dreadclaw & Kharybdis Drop Pods (Unfinished)

April 2017

The Emperor of Mankind (Unfinished)

May 2017

World Eaters Praetor (Took a while to finish)


June 2017

Vlka Fenryka Rhinos (Unfinished)

Adeptus Custodes Galatus Dreadnought (Another Project that took a while to finish)


RavenGuard - Nykowna Sharrowkyn (Unfinished)

Adeptus Custodes Coronas Grav Carrier (Unfinished)

Space Wolves Wulfen (Unfinished)

July 2017

Primaris Space Wolves (Unfinished)

Objective Markers 

Shadow War: Armageddon Terrain (Unfinished)

August 2017

Bellisarius Cawl (Unfinished)

Stormcast Eternal Commission

September 2017

Thor Commission

Renegade Knight Titan (Unfinished)

Space Wolves Primaris Marine Conversions (Unfinished)

Death Guard Pox Walkers (Unfinished)                                 

Death Guard Lord of Contagion (Unfinished)

Mutated Thousand Sons Marine from Prospero (Unfinished)

October 2017

Adeptus Custodes Telemon Heavy Dreadnought (Unfinished)

Death Guard Typhon/Typhus (Unfinished)

November 2017

Thousand Sons - Amon (Unfinished)

4Ground Ruined Buildings

Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought (Unfinished)

Thousand Sons Contemptor Dreadnought (Unfinished)


Thousand Sons Praetor (Unfinished)

December 2017

CK Studios Airbrushing 102 Course - Highly Recommended!

Plague Marines (Unfinished)

Necromunda Terrain

Ryza Pattern STC Ruin Terrain (Unfinished)

Necromunda/INQ28 Character (Unfinished)

And finally I devoured some Gingerbread Terrain, my wife made for me :)

Well, that's the wrap up of 2017. Keep exercising those hobby muscles otherwise you'll lose them. And remember we are in a golden age of hobby.

Good luck, good wishes and most of all have more fun!


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