Horus Heresy Characters - Master of Mankind - The God Emperor of Mankind #4

Just thought I would show a quick WIP of the Master of Mankind.

I have been blocking in colours and working out how I want things to look like.
Essentially the base colour have been completed via the airbrush, and now I will have to go back in and paint the remaining details by hand.

Just a quick pick of the primer coat (Stynylres Black) with Zenithal highlight of white (Vallejo Polyurethane White).

I will show you a few close ups of the airbrush work as I progress, starting with the sword. This was done using successive layers of Vallejo Colors reds, oranges, yellows and a final highlight of aged white. I still have to go back in and reinforce some shadows, then pick out the flame highlights with more contrast.

So for the Emperor's face I tried out some scale75 colours. It looks a little flat at the moment, as i was trying to work out if the face should be a light shade or dark shade. I am thinking the Emperor doesn't really get off the Golden Throne, much, so he'd be a little pasty skin colour wise. I still have to go back in and shade the recesses and highlight with some pale flesh. 

Now I haven't really shown the base prior to this. essentially it is a reworking of Konrad Curze's scenic base, rebuild with additional embellishments. I am still working through the colour palette for the base, debating a marble finish (probably unlikely) versus a colder blue tinted gray to frame the Emperor a little better.


Anyways, this is the progress, thus far. A little slower than expected, but unfortunately I still don't have my hobby space, due to renovations.

More to come.


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