General Ramblings - OK enough is enough

Hey Folks, have any of you had one of those situations where you're doing renovations that are projected to last six (6) weeks but actually drag out to six (6) months ?

Well, that summarizes my hobby experience.

The hobby room is still unavailable and with the goings on of 8th Ed. and 1st Ed. I just have been getting more and more excited to build and paint all the new shinnies.

So today I cracked it and said, "enough is enough!" and began priming all the miniatures that I have been building and ferretting away waiting for the spray booth to come back online.

In the end I set up the airbrush in the corner of the garage in 100degF+, around 38degC for you metric fellows, and primed over an old scrap of cardboard.

And look at all the shinnies I got primed.

Starting with none other than my Master of Mankind conversion.

Hvarl, which you've seen before, but with an improved head.

I finally primed a different Nykona Sharrowkyn. Likely you saw this fellow a long time ago, he kind of got lost in my bits box.

I finally got the Conversion Beamer for my Thousand Sons Contemptor.

I now have a new Thousand Sons Osiron Psychic Contemptor Dreadnought

And a 10 man squad of Thousand Sons Khenentai Occult Blade Cabal.

I finally got around to priming a pair of converted Deimos Pattern Rhinos for my VI Legion.

A new Coronus Grav Carrier for my Custodes. 


And finally, my new XII Legion Praetor.

I will leave them 24hrs to cure the primer coat and hook into painting them.

More to come.


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