Horus Heresy - XII Legion World Eaters - Gahlan Surlak

So my list has Gahlan Surlak and given there is no formal model released by ForgeWorld, I kitbashed my own version, complete with Power Axe, Needle Pistol and Narthecium Prime. You'll notice that Gahlan is made up of many different pieces.
  • Torso, Legs and Head - Emperor's Children Kakophoni
  • Right Arm - DeathWatch Close Combat arm converted with an EvilCraft Miniatures Chaos Storm Axe 
  • Left Arm - 40k Apothecary Narcethium with a few Anvil Industries gubbins
  • Needle Pistol - 40k Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarian Infiltrators fletchette blaster

And the Tombstone is a little freebie piece from a recent Spellcrow order and I thought it was appropriate.


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