Horus Heresy 30k - XII Legion World Eaters Anvillus Dreadclaw #1

I have a 2,500 point World Eaters 30k list. It has two Anvillus Dreadclaw Drop Pods.
Assembly of this kit can be a bit of a pain, however, they seemed to go together pretty easily. Just remember your clamps.

So after assembly I primed with the usual Stynylrez Black primer. I left this to dry for about 1-2 days, then came back in and put a base coat VMA Hemp.

Next coat was the first layer of VGA Cold Grey. Now I am layering this color using the panel coloring method, a slight variation on color modulation.

 Then the final highlight of VGA Stonewall Grey. A funny thing when painting white, you don't really paint with white. Maybe an extreme edge highlight with VGC Dead White right at the end, but not yet.

Then I started to block in the signature blue coloring with VGA Imperial Blue. I haven't finished with the blue yet, but I haven't quite worked out what direction to take it. Modulate or Panel highlight.


 Then VMA Steel was used on the claws, pipes, engine and control vanes.

 And then I blocked in the beginning of the golds, using VMC Brass.

 So this is where i am at with the Dreadclaw, now to hook into the second one.  

Once that is done, I reckon I will have worked out what I am going to do about the blues. Silvers and golds will follow my usual recipes, washes and drybrush highlights.


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