Horus Heresy 30k Adeptus Custodes - Constantin Valdor #1

So I have been working on a little miniature that will be Constatin Valdor for my Custodes force. Here is a WIP on the progress.

It all came from a post that I saw on G+ that got me thinking about how to build an Apollonian Spear.
Starting out with the following three test pieces. First I tried using a Xenophase blade.

Then I tried a Sanguinary Guard Power Blade.

Then I stumbled across an idea using an AOS Stormstrike Glaive.

Finally I settled on using the Sanguinary Guard Power blade, for the winged motif, with the spike from the Stormstrike Glaive. From there I got stuck into the rest of the miniature kit-bash.

Once I sorted out the Spear I sorted out the base. You may recognize the ForgeWorld Garro base. Yup, I stole it from Garro and used it for my Valdor. Well he does out rank him, right ?

Then I worked out the stance. you'll notice I was iterating through the weapons and stance during this stage.

I was not quite happy with the initial pose the left arm just didn't float my boat. So I swapped it out for a grasping hand.

And I had settled on the Sanguinary Guard Power Blade on the Apollonian  spear.

Then I got into painting the miniature, starting with Stynylrez Black Primer and a zenithal highlight of VGA Dead White, I then laid in a basecoat of VGA Brassy Brass.

I then highlighted this with  VGC Bright Bronze. You'll notice I masked the face off with a piece of BluTac.

I then sprayed in focus highlights with VGC Glorious Gold and washed in the details with GW Gloss Nuln Oil.

Now I need to tuck in and get into the details.

More to come on this one.


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