CK Studios Introductory Airbrushing Course #5 - How it all turned out?

So now we have all the theory sorted, let's put this into motion. As mentioned before, this is how it turned out, but how did we get to this?

Zenithal Highlight on the black primer coat.

Base colours go over the primer coat. You'll see in the photo the triad+ of colours used. They are all  Vallejo.
For the Death Guard Linen White VGA Hemp, VGA Bonewhite, VGA Aged White and VGA Aged White.

On the shoulders, I used the following for the Green, VGA Black Green, VGA Sick Green and VGC Goblin Green. You will notice, I haven't quite gotten the hang of the colour modulation on the Shoulder guards and Power Fist.

So what do you do if you mess up your colour modulation? 
Well it's simple, you paint over it. The layers this style of airbrushing are so thin, it is easy to go back in and re-establish the dark tones and highlights .

I will mention I swapped out the base and used one that I had already made for a World Eater Contemptor.  I also re-posed the legs and magnetized the arms while I was at it.

Some weathering via sponge chipping.

A quick lick of paint and I finished the head and assembled the miniature on the base for photographs.

Not bad for an airbrush n00b, hey?


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