CK Studios Introductory Airbrushing Course #4 - The Overall Technique

 So after being bombarded with all this theory, how do we put this together?


Simply put, you follow five steps, and it will all come together. Just make sure you have kept your zenithal primer coat.
  1.  Base coat with a mid-tone. Make an effort with coverage to focus on the highlight areas and smoothly transition, very lightly, into the dark recesses. Don't destroy your zenithal and remember to draw focus to the most important areas.
  2. Deepen the shadows with your darkest tone. try not to create hard horizontal lines, remember your color modulation techniques.
  3. Concentrate on the small spot area highlights with your highlight color, again remember to modulate your coverage.
  4. Be very careful now, check your cylinder pressure and make sure your paint is thinned. This is where you shoot your most concentrated spot of highlight color. This is usually your highlight tone mixed with a little white.
  5. Now for the secret sauce. You'll have to attend the course to understand this properly, but essentially you'll shoot a glaze back over this to tie all the colours together. 
If you follow these steps you should end up like below, minus the weathering of course.

What do you think?
You interested in the Course for yourself? 
If so reach out on Facebook to Kat or Caleb, via CK Studios. I highly recommend this course. So much so, I will likely attend their advanced course as well.


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