CK Studios Introductory Airbrushing Course #3 - Colour Modulation

Colour Modulation is a technique where you fool the eye into thinking there is more volume and perspective over a flat surface. Panels are divided into light and dark and adjoining panels are opposite. So a light highlight will meet a different panel with a deep shade. Below is a diagram of how this will look. Arrows denoting the angles by which you shoot your airbrush.

Here is an example of colour modulations in high contrasting purples, courtesy of Justin. The modulation creates movement across the panels and gives a realism and solidity to the miniature.

Now some of you may understand flat panels, but you may want to know how to apply this technique to a round surface. Don't worry just follow the process below. Dark shades in rounded pattern. Spot highlights from the opposite direction.

Easy Peasey, Lemon Squeezey, hey?
Well not really. Practice makes perfect. And you'll probably have this technique baked by the second attempt.

More to come


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