CK Studios Introductory Airbrushing Course #1

So last weekend I had the opportunity to jump in on the CK Studios Introduction to Airbrushing Course, held at Games Kastle, Mountain View, California. The course was run by Caleb Wisenback and Kat Jackson. Here are the results.

So what can I say about this course?  
Simply put, if you get the chance, go to one.

Beginner or expert, everyone will  benefit from this. You will see different techniques and learn new ones. I cannot recommend this course more highly. Essentially, you'll learn enough to stop you in your tracks. You'll have to sit for a few days and let the new techniques and processes marinate. Work through hat works for your style and what you can adapt to speed up, make better and/or replace what you currently do. Finally you'll start crying. You'll look at everything you've painted thus far and realize you should either sell them or strip and repaint your miniatures.

So for posterity, probably more so for my failing memory, I've gathered some notes and will make some upcoming posts about some of the theory Caleb and Kat have taught. Please note I won't cover things like Thinning paints, Colour Theory, trouble-shooting, etc. You'll just have to attend course to see that, real-time. I believe Kat and Caleb have a YouTube channel which shows some of these techniques - Hobby Hangout. Hopefully I won't spoil the secret sauce.

The Independent Characters were also in attendance, as Carl assisted with some of the organizing with Kat. During the course, Carl was working on a Black Legion Contemptor Dreadnought.

Justin and Adan were working on their own Dreadnoughts. Justin was working on his own custom scheme. I believe Adan was working on an Imperial Fist Dreadnought.

I even got in on the action.

 Next post, "What did I learn?"


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