Horus Heresy - XII Legion World Eaters - Red Butchers Devoured

So you might remember a few weeks ago I posted about my recently completed Red Butchers with a double chainfist Devourer. Well I was looking around and noticed that my guy was the same as everyone else. Being the tinkerer that I am I decided to switch up my Devourer to be armed with a chainfist and thunder hammer. Below is a WIP of the progress so far.

 Not a very big departure from the original, below.

And here is a few pictures I have took while I was working on this guy.
After working through the greys and into the whites, I switched to working on the reds.

Then I started to develop the skin tones.

Now this time I worked through the metallics, blue steel, silver and brass.

I did notice that the skin work was a shade too close to the brass, so I deepened the red and darkened down the face plating.

More to come.


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