Horus Heresy - Spartan Assault Tank #1 - Dozer Blade

So where have I been for the past few weeks? 

Working on a bunch of Horus Heresy projects. First up is a Spartan Assault Tank. Now a lot of people love ForgeWorld kits, but I will have to make the comment that they don't always go together in a straight-forward manner. Make sure you have files, sanding paper, clamps, heat gun and a bunch of superglue. The kits really exercise your hobby muscles.

Now one of the first pieces of extra bitz that I am adding to the kit is a Heavy Assault Vehicle Dozer Blade from Kromlech. Some questions do immediately crop up:
  1. What do they look like?
  2. Where do they fit to the chassis?
  3. What to do if you want to transport it?
 Well, I have a few answers for you. They are a four (4) part resin kit and should only be assembled in one way. Given there are no instructions, you should reference the pictures. because the dozer blade protrudes past the mounting bracket.

I went ahead and carved some battle damage into the blade surface before painting, just to break up the surface. I am not sure if i will hazard stripe the face or put water slide transfer decals on them.

Here is a picture of how they attach to the front section of the side chassis of the Spartan Assault Tank. Note that it extends in front of the model, so you might want to opt to make them removable for transport or size your transport solution to fit, i.e cut foam bigger.

I am guessing the preceding picture was not very clear in exactly  where to place the mounting bracket, so I removed the Dozer blade to show you exactly where on the miniature to mount the plate. I have added magnets to the mounting surface, as I opted to make the dozer blade removable. I used two magnets so the plate would stay oriented laterally. I found a single magnet led to a bit of droop. Note I also used magnets for the side sponson mounts.

Given there is not a lot of surface to play with to mount magnets on the dozer side, I used a piece of sheet tin, cut to size, to serve as a magnetic surface, shown below.

Now a note with respect to the side sponsons. The dozer blade mount does impinge on the movement of the side sponsons. So whether you glue them fixed into place or leave them to swivel, make sure they are turned outwards a little. I say this because if the face straight forward, they'll smack into the mounting bracket on the dozer blade.


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