Reaper Bones Kobold - for a friend.

So a good friend of mine has a grandson and wanted to get a few things painted for him. Given I don't actually do commissions, as I don't think I am that good of a miniature painter, however I thought I would try to paint a miniature for someone else.

First up, my friend's grandson had a D&D miniature that he owned and wanted painted. It was a Reaper Bones series Kobold. Now I will say one thing about the Reaper Bones series, they are cheap and good bang for your buck, especially if all you want is tabletop quality.

But this is where my praises kind of end. Mold slippage, excess flash and inconstant detail. A bit of a nightmare, really. That being said paint goes down on these miniatures okay.

My Friend's Grandson asked for green dragon scales and orange hair, which is pretty cool as they are very contrasting and cause a good amount of 'pop'.  My only issue was, the miniature was starting to look a little too much like The Hulk. Given this predicament, I switched the colour scheme, changed out the base.

And this is how the miniature turned out.



Of note, the back detail is much better than the front of the miniature., go figure.


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