Horus Heresy Characters - Ahzek Ahriman #1

Second miniature I have started working on, from the Prospero boxed set has been Ahzek Ahriman. First Captain and Chief Librarian of the Corvidae, XV Legion Thousand Sons.

I will have to say I am fairly happy with how the metallic red turned out on this one. I tweaked my usual recipe this time. It was as follows:
  • Primer - Badger Stynylres Black.
  • Base - VGA Steel all over.
  • First Shade - VGA Brassy Brass - Shoot this straight/vertically from below. This should give you a good base shadow to offset the steel color.
  • First highlight - 1/3 VGA Steel 2/3 Minitaire Ghost Tint Fresh Blood - I did this mainly because there will be very little tooth for the ghost tint to adhere to initially.
  • Second shade - VGA Ink Red Ink - Shot into the lower and deeper recesses of the armor.
  • Second highlight - 2-3 coats of Minitaire Ghost Tint Fresh Blood zenithal @ low pressure (15-20psi).
After you do this the miniature should look a little like picture shown above.


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