Horus Heresy 30k and the Vlka Fenryka Drop Pod #2

I got around to masking off the drop pod and adding some striping. I know, not the traditional hazard stripe colors, but I am distinguishing this Drop-pod from my previous effort. Here is a progress shot.

So here is how you can get this effect. Starting with the drop-pod shown below.

I then went in and taped off the larger recessed area with the blue painter's tape. Just note there are a few areas where the recesses are a little uneven and add a little tape to those too.
Go in and paint the recess with VGC Heavy Red. When the red layer dries, paint a center highlight line of VGC Bloody Red.  This will give a nice depth to the recessed area.

Once the red is dry, I taped off the recessed area again, this time with Tamiya 5mm Masking tape. I used the Tamiya tape mainly because it will give consistent spacing between stripes.

I went back in and painted the black striping. First a layer of VGA Black. When the black was dry  I went in and did a thin gradient of VGA Cold Grey to the top edge of the black stripes.

And when this all dried, I removed the tape and this is how it turned out.

Finishing it off the other uprights. And this is what you get.

Now on to the detailing, decals and weather.


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