Imperial Knight Titan - LegionAudax Auxcillary Part #1

So I have been ferreting away working on a little project, in the background. And I guess it's about time I "pull back the sheet" and unveil the progress thus far.
  • Magnetize joints - Check
  • Re-pose legs - Check
  • Kit-bash and add Khornate embellishments - Check

You will notice the legs are not the usual ones that come in the kit. These ones are from the Russian outfit, Soul Dark. I still need to add the toes. But before I do that, I have to work out how to finish off the base.

Add the horns from a Blood Thirster and kit bash the visor armor. I also snaffled a tilt shield, on eBay, from the Forgeworld Chaos Knight kit.


Adding a shoulder plate from the Lord of Skulls kit. Securing it to the Knight Pauldron, I hid the pins under some green stuff and piled on skulls from Secret Weapon Sack O' Skulls.

I also pinned the other Pauldron, in a similar manner, hiding the pins with skulls. I also added some chains from a Dark Eldar Wrack kit.

More to come.


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