The Fallen Star - Fail Winner Prize

A few months ago I was a lucky recipient of a prize give away, graciously, by a long standing G+ member and frequent blogger +The FallenStar . The FallenStar often sets ambitious modelling and hobby challenges, for himself, and when He misses his deadline, he offers a lucky community member a model as penance. You can find the backstory on the following link:

So back to the prize. It took me a few weeks to get back around to finishing my portion of the prize. You see, neither of us could find a aesthetically suitable head for this miniature. Well that was the case until the Deathwatch Kill Team was released. In that release there was a certain Space Wolves Veteran head that just captured what both of us had pictured in our minds.

 So after a coat of paint I added this to the "headless" miniature.

+The Fallenstar

+The Fallenstar

+The Fallenstar

And this is how the collaboration turned out. Simply a brilliant miniature, and I am proud to have him lead my wolves on the battlefield.

This is why I want to be part of this community. Inspiring and collaborative. This community makes me want to create beautiful miniatures so that other will be inspired and to look at all the hard work other members are progressing and/or completing which, in turn, inspires me.


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