Tutorial - World Eaters Contemptor Dreadnought Part #3 - Torso

In this installment of Tutorial #1 World Eaters Contemptor Dreadnought, I will cover the re-modelling of the torso. 

Below is how it should look, after you follow this tutorial. 
Note: Re-positioning of the legs was covered last post, so you might want to go back and check that one if you're wondering about re-positioning the legs.

So to start out, we cut the torso out and dry-fit the pieces. Once you've got them trimmed of mold-lines and they fit snuggly together, grab your front section of torso.

Now, you'll want to start filing and trimming away the scroll work and skull embellishments from this torso section.

PersonallyI found the helmet to be a little too static, looking forward so I opted to remove it and position a new head, to fit the space. So I cracked out the razor saw and went to town cutting the original helmet from the miniature.

I found an old Castaferrum (box) Venerable Dreadnought head, that looked a little more suitable for a World Eaters aesthetic and added this to the now vacant helmet area. 
Note: I did need to trim up the hole to make the new helmet fit. Positioning the head at a new angle immediately gave the miniature some dynamic posing.

Next, I dug up some old Forgeworld photo-etched brass and cut one of the World Eater logos and attached to the center of the chest plate. I used a tiny ball of green-stuff and the back of a paint brush to press it flat and conform to the curves of the torso plating.
Note: At this stage, make sure you glue the photo-etch entirely to the torso. I forgot, and hence have a few lightning bolts flapping in the wind. I will need to go back and fix these before I start painting.

World Eaters are very Khornate and know for their chains and skulls aesthetic. I could have left the miniature just with the photo-etch symbol, but I thought I would go the "whole hog". I cut a few pieces of styrene tube and attached a length of jewelers earring chain to the styrene tubes, with a dab of super glue. I then attached the styrene to the plastic torso.

I had a bag of Secret Weapon sack'o'skulls,  so I grabbed a few out, rolled a few tiny balls of green-stuff, attached the green-stuff to the  skulls, then pushed them into the chain. Once this had hardened a little, I popped them off, carefully, and re-attached with a dab of superglue.

And that is how simple it was to alter the torso of a B@C Contemptor.

Stay tuned, next time I will cover how I re-built the combat claw. 


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