Horus Heresy 30k Vlka Fenryka Venerable Leviathan Dreadnought #11

I must not forget that I have also been working on the various weapon options for the Leviathan. Most importantly, with the new grey colour scheme. So here is some WIP of the progress on the Storm Cannon and Plasma Lance.

There wasn't a boat load to do for the Storm Cannon, except go back in and repaint the rear section from the 40k blue grey to the more 30k Heresy grey.

This is a better shot of the transition highlights on the grey sections on the rear portion.

After I finished up the Grey I had to go back in and add the metallic details that had been lost.

The Melta Lance was very mush more involved, as it required nearly an entire re-spray. Below is a shot taken whilst I was waiting for the black and sepia washes to dry.

I will still have to go back in and highlight all the metallic sections on both these weapons. This should make them pop a little more. And I will also finish off the red power cables, as they are looking a little flat at present.


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