Zone Mortalis #2

It has been a long time since I made any real post about my efforts on Zone Mortalis. A lot of this is due to working on too many projects and not quite having good enough modelling options to rival the ForgeWorld originals.

Mantic Battlezone Scenery is a fantastic alternate to the ForgeWorld Zone Mortalis boards, but they lacked a certain internal detailing that really brought character to the board. Well, that as until the made the Industrial Quadrant available for pre-order.

When you combine this set with the traditional Battlezones Quadrant, you should be able to make a sufficiently nice enough and modular Zone Mortalis board, if you pair it with an Industrial FAT mat.

I think I will actually get off my back-side and start working on this ... well maybe after I finish up a few of my current projects <cough cough>.


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