Horus Heresy Characters - Khârn kit-bash #1

With all the hot weather we've been having, my airbrush was drying out the paint before it got to the miniature. So while this was happening, I thought I would take some time to continue kit-bashing the "top brass" from the World Eaters. And this time I continued with Khârn.

I was reading the history of  Khârn and even got sidetracked on Eternal Hunt's recounting of the lore.  Kudos should go to Eternal Hunt, his article was very detailed and inspiring. 

Reading through the articles, Eternal Hunt highlighted a few basic iconic things that every depiction of Khârn has:
  1. Chain Axe - Gorechild
  2. Plasma Pistol.
  3. Hair tassles and skulls on the helmet
  4. Chains everywhere, but mostly about on the wrists
  5. Chest breathing apparatus.
Jes Goodwin started the legacy of Khârn with his concept drawing.

So given this, I set out to build a version of Khârn based on the Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe.
I cut away the lower legs and added Chaos Terminator Lord lower legs. I removed the Goreaxe, in preparation for a chain axe head. Added some extra pauldrons from the WrathMongers kit.

The one issue I do have, is choosing what head. What I have has the tassels and requisite skulls, but the face mask just does not feel right.

I did see this helmet on the Exalted Deathbringer and I think it might do the trick, pity it is fine-cast.

One other thing I still have to sort out is the right arm and plasma pistol.

More to come.


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