Genestealer Patriarch #7

Progress on the Patriarch, in this installment. The carapace is painted, and waiting for a glaze to even out the tones and the fleshy sections have been given some life. I opted for a more traditional Space hulk feel on this one. 

I created the colors for the carapce using Vallejo Game Air Black as the base color, followed with multiple dry-brush layers of Vallejo Game Air Wolf Grey and Vallejo Model Color Azure Blue. I will knock the extreme color with a glaze of GW Glaze Guillaume Blue.

The fleshy section were then painted Vallejo Model Game Color Dead White, then washed with a 50/50 mix Vallejo Model Color Wash Violet and Yellow. This brought out a fleshy feeling to the miniature, but I felt it just needed a little more.

And yes, it's not yet attached to the base yet.

More to come, when I work out how to make the flesh pop a little more and look more "fleshy".


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