Horus Heresy 30k World Eaters #9

Some progress shots of how the paint job on the World Eater Rampager Sergeant is coming along.
The white was made up of a Vallejo Polyurethane Primer German Grey, then a zenithal pre-shade of Vallejo Polyurethane Light Grey Primer, followed by a few light coats of Vallejo Game Color White.
The skin was essentially the usual recipe, but this time I put color down directly on the white, 50/50 mix Vallejo Game Ink Flesh-tone and Sepia Wash.

This is how it looked after the first highlight of Vallejo Game Color Beige Red.

And then Vallejo Game Color Light Flesh, with a final highlight of 50/50 Light Flesh and White.
I then went back in and painted the edges with Vallejo Game Color Brass. The blue accents are very thinned layers of Vallejo Game Air Imperial Blue. I will have to come back and clean up any white panels where color has spilled over, helmet,elbow pads, etc.

When I finish the base colors, I will seal the model in a gloss varnish and try out a new shading technique, using Oil washes. I won't use this model as my test piece, I have another lined up already.

More to come.


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