Horus Heresy 30k and Thousand Sons #3

I've been looking around for inspiration on the paint scheme for the Thousand Sons and think I have finally settled on a scheme.   Digging through my old Heresy Visions books, I found a couple of pictures from Sam Wood and Justin Norman that had color schemes that I would be happy to work with.

First up, from Visions of Darkness is  Justin Norman's Nebmaetre Heavy Support Squad, depicted what is arguably metallic red with golden highlights. Note the golden face plates and chest pieces.

Following this was from Visions of Treachery Sam Wood's Uthizarr.

So things to note in both of these pictures, for pre-Heresy Thousand Sons:
  1. Glossy red armor plates.
  2. Edging and highlights are gold.
  3. Tabards are white.
  4. Seals or other paraphernalia are blue.
Simple really? Stay tuned


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