Disaster Strikes!!

So you go away for a wonderful time, with your significant other, and come back to what you expect would be a productive weekend of painting, especiialy because it's Memorial Day long weekend.

You sit down at the bench get your plan of action together and turn on the airbrush compressor.
And then you hear this weird depressurization sound .. coming from your compressor.

Water is pouring out underneath the compressor and your look at it saying, "What the .. ?"

Apparently I experienced something that can happen in older cheaper compressors. Water collects inside the tank and if you don't use the compressor everyday, and/or remember to drain it once a month, water condensation will collect inside the tank. When water sits for a while on a mild steel tank, it rusts. And when you then go and pressurize a tank the rust erosion, eventually, will eat the vessel cylinder pretty thin, to the point where a hole appears and air and water will escape. Rendering compressor useless. 


Time to go out and get a new compressor.  Amazon Prime, anyone ?

P.S - funny how this happened right after I do an article about airbrushes, and cleaning up my area. Maybe I need to go clean my area up now ..


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