Horus Heresy 30k World Eaters #3

Been busy doing some landscaping about the house, but I did manage to get some time in, between meetings and appointments to continue building some World Eater Rampagers.

First, I will start with this squad's Sergeant. Initially I posed this fella to be jumping down on some poor soul's head. I might still do it. Just have to build an appropriate base.

Next up are the rank and file. But I just want to show you a little of the process I go through, when building these blood-thirsty mad men. Initially you have an AoS miniature, and you cut the shoulder off, add a chain weapon to bring it into the 30k universe. The only issue with this is that it just doesn't quite have that sci-fi fantasy feel, yet.

A quick snip and  addition of a Chaos Raptor bolt-pistol, et voila. Psychotic post-Istvaan World Bearer Rampager, wielding Chain close combat weapon and bolt pistol.

More to come.


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