General Ramblings #22 - Scale

So I was sitting around staring at my Dreadnought kit-bash, half admiring it and half hating it. It was while I was pondering why I had fallen out of love with the conversion, when I came to the realization as to why.

Hmmm, why?
Was it the time taken to make it? Nope.
Was it the time it took to paint it? Nope.
Does it look like crap? Not really.
So what gives?

I came to the conclusion that it is the size of the conversion. 

Now, a lot of blokes will tell you, size matters. Well,  jokes aside, size does matter in a table top miniatures war game.  You see there is this thing called line of sight, and another gotcha-ya is proxy laws. Having a miniature proxy for Bjorn that is so large complicates things. You see this puppy is nearly the size of an Imperial Knight Titan.  Nearly 10mm taller than the Contemptor conversion shown above. The original Bjorn is a sawn-off Castraferrum Pattern box Dreadnought. He barely is as tall as the Contemptor's chest so if a proxy needs to be within the same footprint as the original, or at least have the same base size, my conversion has failed, leaving me a little sad-panda.

My original intention was to give Bjorn a sarcophagus worthy of his background. A one of a kind, never to be seen again. I achieved this modelling-wise, but gaming-wise, it didn't turn out quite as I hoped.

Oh well, it's a game and you live and learn. Time to park this fellow for a narrative based campaign.


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