General Ramblings #19 - Painting sticks

So what do you do, when you have to airbrush thirty (30) backpacks or shoulder pads? 
Unfortunately they are all small and fiddly, difficult to manipulate and paint at the same time.

Enter the paint stick. A rod with poster  pins and blue-tac/poster-putty. 
How do you make one? 
  1. Simply go down to you local Lowes or HomeDepot and visit the paint section. They have paint stirring sticks at the counter, that are free. Grab a few of them. 
  2. Poke as many poster pins as you can fit, leaving about an inch between each one.
  3. Grab your poster-putty break off little portions and roll them into balls, finally push them onto the  tops of the poster-pins. 
Once you have done this, attach your backpacks and shoulder pads and get stuck into priming and painting.


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