General Ramblings #18 - Podcasts - Part -5 - Best of the Rest

In this actually my final installment, Part-5 of 4. Yup, I can't count, but that's just because there are just too many good podcasts out there.

Best of the Rest 40k Podcasts
  • Roll to Seize - A very entertaining monthly podcast, that is still relatively new to the scene. Their seizes of the month is always a great to listen to. The cover the whole gamut hobby, games played, news, reviews - PG Rated / Family Friendly.
  • Combat Phase - Combat Phase is actually a long running podcast and regularly interviews Black Library writers and explores the hobby - PG Rated / Family Friendly.
  • Facing the Grey Tide - This group talks about all things hobby. They do have a general malaise with the current edition of 40k, but still play some competitive games. Can contain mature content.
  • Rolling the Dice - A new podcast covering general hobby, gaming, news and reviews.
  • Imperial Vox Cast - Somewhat infrequent, of late. Can contain Mature content.
  • Adeptus Infernus - This podcast covers hobby, games played, news and reviews. Can contain mature content. PG Rated.
  • Eye of Terror - This podcast covers hobby, games played, news and reviews. PG Rated.
  • Southern State of 40k - Texan 40k podcast covering news and gaming.
    PG Rated / Family Friendly.
  • Heroic 28's -  Cowboy Kenny is becoming infrequent, as they focus more on Kessel Run and a few other podcasts. May contain mature content.
Check them out. You might find you like listening to them the next time you have a long commute or hobby session.


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