General Ramblings #17 - Podcasts - Part -4 - Competitive

In this installment, Part-4 of 4,  I cover the best competitive 40k Podcasts. Well truth be told, I thought it was going to be the final part. But I will continue the series with another article, so I can cover the Best of the Rest. 

The real reasoning is that my original article was a little too long. Made a little more complicated by the fact that over the past 12 months more podcasts have come online. All these new podcasts have the idea to entertain and fill the gap left by previous Podcasts that went defunct or on hiatus.

 Competitive 40k Podcasts
  • Allies of Convenience - Comprised of most of the competitive Welsh 40k ETC team, this podcast is likely the most serious, when dealing with the competitive 40k scene. Being UK based, the meta is slightly different, but none the less this crew takes 40k seriously. With a bit of trash-talk and ribbing thrown in for entertainment value. Their 2015 ETC wrap-up was all the more horrifying when phrased from the standpoint of salmonella poisoning - PG Rated - UK
  • Signals from the Frontline - Reece and Frankie are the ITC. Initially set-up to help drum up enthusiasm for their store, Frontline Gaming,  it is since become the voice and home of the ITC. These two may not come across as being professionals, but they have carved out an empire off the back of this platform. Note this also is their web-simulcast on YouTube. So if you think they have faces for Radio, then this podcast is the way to go - PG Rated / Family Friendly - USA
  • TFG Radio - Those F'n Guys. Travis, Adam and the Producer. Whilst this podcast is not set-up to be a competitive podcast, Travis and Adam are actually the head judges from the ITC LVO. They know the game inside and out, yet still maintain a relaxed attitude. The Producer's rants over hating everything can be entertaining too. Another interesing point, Travis is the fellow who goes and posts the weekly podcast breakdown and recommendations on Bell of Lost Souls - Usually PC Rated - USA 
  • The Long War - The official Podcast of the Spikeybits blog and Next-Level-Painting. Robby B, Juice and Kenny originally started out on the Forge the Narrative Blog, but have since started their own business and now produce this podcast, along with the Spikey Bits and Next-Level-Painting YouTube Channels and Patreons. Always competitive, the Long War talk about the state of the 40k community and their efforts to improve the scene. Kenny recently moved to California to learn and understand the West Coast ITC scene better. #bringinghobbyback - PG Rated with some mature content - USA
  • Forge the Narrative  - Paul "TPM" Murphy is a long time TO and mission pack writer. He wrote the mission pack for Nova 2015 and runs the Atlanta GT. Reportedly the original designer of the "Super-friends" death-star concept, this team stays uptodate and on top of the competive East Coast gaming scene, team tournaments, Adepticon, Nova, ATC, etc. TPM games with a boatload of lawyers, so be prepared - PG Rated / Family Friendly - USA
  • Preferred Enemies - This crew are based in the Mid-west of the USA and run the Midwest Conquest GT. Whilst they may not agree with the ITC and views differ from ATC, these guys run a pretty tight podcast covering rules, hobby, events and news. Essentially these guys are the most likely to cherry pick from the best rules FAQs the East and West have to offer - PG Rated / Family Friendly - USA
  • The Overlords - The Overlords are a long running UK based podcast and long running friends with Carl from the ICs. Often humorous, these guys actually do take the game seriously. Their karaoke intros are hilarious and must be listened to - PG Rated with some adult content - UK
  • The Wolfkin - An infrequent addition to the list, these Washington state based gamers run the show out of Mugu games where the monthly RTTs are part of the ITC. Sound quality can be a little off, but these guys are genuine gamers and hobbyists. More recently their timetables have worked out for more frequent collaborations - PG Rated with some mature content - USA
  • 2nd Wave - Broadcasting out of Australia's Capital Territory, these Australians share their ups and downs in the hobby. Given the cost of GW in Australia, it's amazing they can afford to do any of it on their University student budgets. Additionally this group actually held the first ITC tournament in Australia - PG Rated / Family Friendly.
As I mentioned earlier, stayed tuned for the best of the rest.


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