General Ramblings #16 - Podcasts - Part -3 - Humorous

For Part-3 of 4, I am going to cover the more humorous 40k Podcasts. Now Eye of Horus Podcast would be my pick of the bunch, unfortunately it was already covered in my 30k Podcasts article.

Humorous 40k Podcasts
  • Life After the Cover Save - Don't let RoboEd and Big Nasty B's laid back attitude fool you. These guys are professional podcasters, and are likely the longest running continuous 40k podcast still going. They have a standard format of intro, segment, and out-ro, but it never really goes to plan in the most hilarious of ways. Reece from the future is a highlight advertisement and their "filthy fifteen" has emerged from the more politically correct titillating, tasty, tawdry, troublesome, oh f*^k it, Dirty Dozen. Let's run with that. Following with twelve terrible questions.  In the immortal words of Moosejaw Jackson,  "Life is always sweeter after the cover save" - R rated (especially when they talk of their collective vasectomies) - USA
  • Mob Rules - Somehow under all that snow some, Alaskans found an ex-patriot Brit and started playing games of 40k. I don't know how they manage to occasionally get Gav Thorpe to guest host, but these guys are hilarious in their own unique Alaskan way. Their advertisements may be an acquired taste, but mammal milk is still stuck in my head - Non-PC - Alaska, USA.
  • Beer and Bolters 40k - Adam Russman, recently took over as chief blogger on the Space-Wolves-Grey blog and is the chief engineer of this podcast, covering all the aspects of hobby, painting and speculating over the 40k universe. This podcast is a must listen to when Bobby Skullface, Alfred the non-PC token hispanic lawyer and Chris meld minds. They had some issues, recently, and switched to Podbean, so you may have to resubscribe if they dropped off your playlist. Remember to play fluffy games and don't be a neck-beard! - Mature content / Non-PC - USA
Stay tuned for Part-4, the Competitive and best fo the rest 40k Podcasts.


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