General Ramblings #15 - Podcasts - Part -2 - 40k Narrative and Educational

In this installment, Part-2 of 4, I thought I'd cover some of the Narrative and Educational 40k Podcasts that are out there.

Narrative 40k Podcasts
  • Masters of the Forge - Adam "Loopy" and Snorre create fascinating scenarios based on the literally everything they've read about the 40k universe, focusing more on the narrative aspects of the game. Most of the time their rules and characters are highly experimental, but they do publish all their hard work on their website, so you too can recreate the battles they describe. Interestingly Loopy lives on the East Coast of the US whilst Snorre lives in Norway, so how they find time and record with decent quality sound is a testament to their "post" team - PG Rated / Family Friendly - USA/EU
  • NGC40k - Peter and Mark are relative new comers to the podcasting trade, but by far and away punch way above their weight range. Their shows are inspirational covering the usual hobby, games played, etc. but they also investigate each new supplement in depth, talking about their experiences and any tweaking to create a more cinematic feeling. To be honest, these guys are one of the reasons behind me getting over "hobby-block" - PG Rated / Family Friendly - USA

Educational 40k Podcasts
  • Battle Hosts - Now as hollow as this title sounds, there is much more to this than just face value. The Battle Hosts go into depth over the mechanics of the game, how each aspect works, tips, tricks, hints, etc. With the general theme of making everyone a better player, both on the table, as a person and with the greater community. Simple, hey ? Well this crew has found a little niche within the niche world of table-top wargaming and are currently the only fellows making a home there  - PG Rated / Family Friendly - USA
Stay tuned for Part-3 the best of the Humorous 40k Podcasts.


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