General Ramblings #14 - Podcasts - Part -1 - Heresy 30k

It's been a while since I had a bit of a rant  or talk about the other aspects of the hobby, namely Podcasts. Now Podcasts may not be something you're into, likened too much to the old skool AM radio talk-back shows, and the like, but I would encourage you all to explore this facet of the hobby. Partaking when you're on a long commute, or your next hobbying session.

So for this installment Part-1 of 4, I thought I would mention some of the best of 30k podcasts I have found to be available.

Horus Heresy 30k Podcasts
  • Independent Characters -The grand daddy of them all. Carl and Adan took a bit of a hiatus during 2015, but is coming back in 2016. A lot of people in the hobby, especially Horus Heresy, grew up listening to this crew. And this still set the bar by which all others are measured - PG rated / family friendly - USA
  • Imperial Truth - Greg does a sterling job of walking through the details of the Horus Heresy. Neil is an award winning painter. Need I say more? This podcast essentially took over the mantle left behind when the IC's went on Hiatus. Hobby Spotlight is always a great section  - PG rated / family friendly - UK
  • After Ullanor - This is Greg's other monthly podcast where he explores each Horus Heresy novels in great depth. Greg talks about the novels, at great length, in order and speculates how they fit into the greater picture of the 30k universe  - PG rated / family friendly - UK
  • Age of Darkness - JP's fortnightly (every two weeks) podcast covering all things Heresy. Like the Imperial Truth, the Age of Darkness filled the gap left by the IC's hiatus. General banter is witty and JP's penchant for history and historic details mixes in well with speculative theory. JP's theory of Heresy novels being released in an almost TV season format is novel (forgive the pun) but makes a great deal of sens. Also the two week hobby challenge and box of shame is always a highlight - PG rated - Canada
  • Eye of Horus - These non-PC Aussie boys spend time drinking Bundy Rum from Yeti Cups while chatting about all things 30k. Australians always have a unique perspective on language and things in general, and when you're a banana-benders from sweltering Queensland, Australia, it's hard not laughing along with these larrakins. Remember, fully painted is for closers! - Not family friendly but by far the most entertaining banter - Australia
  • Loaded Dice - More irreverent Australians and friendly rivals to the Eye of Horus. The Loaded Dice has a whole network of shows covering more aspects of gaming. They are a little more refined than the Eye of Horus boys - Australia
Stay tuned for Part-2 the best of the Narrative & Educational 40k Podcasts.



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