30k Fluff - Nykona Sharrowkyn #7

So I was reading through Angels Exterminatus, and I eventually came to the conclusion that I had to do something about Sharrowkyn's backpack. Initially I painted a MkIII backpack, the I decided that wasn't right, so I painted a MarkIV backpack. Then, after finishing Angels Exterminatus I just bit the bullet and went for a Heresy jump-pack, kit bashed from the Sanguinary Guard jump-pack. Sharrowkyn does way too many cool vector thrusts with his jump-pack whilst grabbing the Maugetar Stone from Lucius not to display it.
Bearing this in mind, I cracked out the green stuff and set about customizing the look of the jump-pack.  Below are a few shots of how it has turned out, thus far.

First up building a raven across the shoulders.

Second, I added a Raven Guard icon to the centre line of the exhaust housing.

Oh and about that sword that broke, I am working on the replacement. Luckily I had pinned the old one into place, so when I couldn't recover the hand, I just removed the whole piece and built a new one.

Anyways, I have to clean it all up, slap a coat of paint and  finish up Sharrowkyn.


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