Terrain for Heresy 30k #2

More progress on the terrain. As you can see I am going nuts doing basing, at the moment. We'll more like I am trying to "factory assembly line" the bases, so it's done at once and there is some consistency in the final look of the bases.

So here is how the terrain pieces started out. Four pieces, with resin detailing and a lane for 28mm models to navigate through.

Adding down the grit/ballast for texture.

And to give some idea of the scale of these pieces, I added a few 28mm Unforgiven to the mix. You can see that the height of the terrain fits nicely with tucking in a boltgun and firing from soft/hard cover. Actually, in this case, it would be a plasma cannon,

The next two are probably likely to be more likely soft cover terrain pieces.

More to come.


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