Shield Brothers Landraider Kit-Bash #20

So it's been a while since I had done any work on the Land Raider. Given I had recently finished the Shield brothers, I thought it was about time to continue with the tank. Given I will need to finish assembling the Land Raider overall, the interior needs to be finished first, before I can button it up.

This time around I put a few hours into finishing up the interior, tidying up the engine, multiple control panels, gun racks and a few other embellishments.

Here is a close up on one of the control panels.

One thing to note, the interior will likely not ever been seen in its entirety, so spending countless hours agonizing over the interior is a little bit of overkill. 

One pro-tip when painting the inside of tanks: Paint the tank interior with a very light color. As the Land Raider has an assault ramp, chances are only a small portion of the interior will be seen only when the door is open.

More to come.


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