Horus Heresy 30k Vlka Fenryka Cataphractii #1

So during the week, I like many people work, sometimes in the office, other time I have the luxury of working at home. Now this is great but during long Video Conference meetings, pertaining to unreleated subjects, my mind begins to wander and suddenly I find myself absent-mindedly assembling a few miniatures.

This time my fingers found some Heresy Cataphractii Terminators.

Now in game terms, Cataphractii Terminators are slower than a wet week. Hence giving them Lightning Claws is a little useless, unless you play a lot of Zone Mortalis. Bearing this in mind, I magnetized this lot. so I can swap out options/load outs whenever. 

And if I wanted to I could keep one arm with Lightning Claw, call it a Wolf Claw, and attached a combi-bolter to the other and  boom! You got yourself a Space Wolf Cataphractii squad with a little more flavor! (Caveat: Hurry up with the Vlka Fenryka rules god dammit! - jokes)

A much more rewarding use of time, instead of playing blink murder with a wall during a two hour meeting, hey ?


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