Terrain for Heresy 30k #1

So as my games of Heresy increase in size and scope from the simplistic Betrayal at Calth board tiles, I got my hands on a fat mat and a few other sundry items. One of the things I quickly noticed is that I need to add some more 3-dimensional terrain.  First my journey started with the Aegis Defence Line.  But then I was trawling the interwebz for scatter terrain when I happened upon a flyer from Value Gear Model Building Details. The "I didn't get shit for Christmas!" sale. Awesome name hey ?

So I trawled through their site and placed a few orders for stowage and trailer loads.

Cobbling these together on a piece of plasticard, this is what I came up with. Keeping the stowage to the ends of the pieces, leaving space for a 32mm base between.



More to come.


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