Horus Heresy 30k and the Vlka Fenryka #11

While I was building the Veteran Tactical Grey Hunter Squad, I thought I would kitbash some sergeants to sprinkle into the squads.

This Veteran is a mix of Chaos Warrior, Space Wolf Legs and MkVI plumed helmet. He has a Bolter and Power Weapon.

I was still working on his pose, with the sword, trying to make it a little more dynamic.

On this Veteran, I used the Chaos Warrior, some B@C legs and MkIV plumed helmet, an Anvil Industries combi-weapon (melta-gun) and a devastator pointed hand.

For this Veteran, I have used the Chaos Warrior with mainly a combination of B@C parts. The combi-weapon (flamer), combat blade, power fist. I cut the plumed helm from the B@C sergeant and repositioned it, mainly to differentiate it, but it looked so much better.

This Veteran is based on the Chaos Warrior with B@C Legs, an Anvil Industries combi-weapon (meltagun), and MkVI helmet from the Dark Vengeance Raven guard Model. The Chainsword was salvaged off the Dark Vengeance Sergeant I recently converted into Unforgiven.

And the final Veteran is based of the Chaos Warrior, with B@C Legs, MkIV helmet, Power Fist and Space Wolf Bolter.

These puppies are now ready for a wash and a lick of paint. More to come.


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