Barricades and the Aegis Defence Line #1

It's interesting to note that the Betrayal at Calth set comes with tokens for barricades and doors. Given the hex set-up, I thought it would be better if I dusted off my box of  the GW Aegis Defence Line and use them instead of the cardboard chits. Given the miniatures were all grey plastic. 

I threw on some primer, a couple of coats of  Vallejo Model Air Burnt Umber, and Yellow Ochre. In the bullet holes I sprayed Vallejo Model Air Black. I then sprayed Testors Dull Cote, to seal them up, then put down a layer of AK interactive Heavy Chipping Fluid. The photos were taken while the Chipping Fluid was drying.

To do ... Lay down the primary colors, then get stuck into the weathering.

More to come.


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